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Why you should get an inch bathroom vanity

A bathroom vanity is a simple half standing table area usually with a sink on top. It can serve as a dressing table and storage compartment for toiletries, body products and other essential items. An Inch bathroom vanity can also serve if properly arranged to hide the plumbing works in your bathroom that is the sink and drain pipes and is thus essential to modernizing your bathroom as a whole, fortunately enough small or Inch vanities suitable even for small bathroom spaces can be purchased, installed and arranged in a number of characteristic styles. But why should you consider getting an Inch Bathroom vanity?

Minimal space

An Inch vanity can be as small as 18” and upwards which is a wide range of options for any size of bathroom and yet does not consume any more space therein since Inch bathroom vanities can be placed right about, on or around the bathroom sink area which would otherwise be just wasted.


Inch bathrooms vanities are designed with multiple compartments or drawers in which you can store all your towels, toiletries and other essentials keeping them out of sight. This improved organization in turn contributes to a neat and clean bathroom setup.Variable designs

Though minimal in size Inch vanities come in a wide selection of architectural designs, colors and patterns. You select from materials like white wood, natural wood, millwork, cherry wood for the drawers and front doors.

Inch bathroom vanities can be of single or double width. Single width or single cabinet Inch vanities are usually fitted with a single sink on top and below is a single compartmentalized cabinet ideal for smaller bathrooms of respective sizes, while the larger Inch vanities or Double width vanities of about 42” are usually fitted with double sinks and have flanking cabinets at their base making them suitable for larger bathrooms.

Indeed Inch bathroom vanities go further than just a medicine and essentials cabinet, they can enhance your entire bathrooms setup into a well arranged clean and welcoming place no matter the size of the bathroom.

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