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48 inch bathroom vanity is more suitable and spacious than any other vanity.

Bathroom vanity:

Bathroom vanity can be denoted as the summation of the sink and the storage that encloses it. It is normally described as a piece of bathroom cabinetry that is generated to hold the sink and conceal the plumbing and providing more essential storage. The bench-top is an essential part of the bathroom vanity and bench-tops are made of stone, rebuilt stone, laminate, wood and cement. Vanities are made of different materials but these are normally moisture resistant and waterproof as bathroom is the largest wet area in the habitation. So, it is must to keep the vanity moisture free.

Choosing vanity:

When people are going to choose a bathroom vanity, first of all they need to think about the size of the bathroom. They want a vanity which is in ratio and that is not so huge or tiny. They also want ensure that the vanity can fulfill their needs. It is obvious to ensure that vanity has plenty of storage for toiletries, maquillage, hairdryers, cleaning products and healing can be stored easily. People now try to keep minimum one set of fresh towels in the vanity for esthetic causes. A coalescence of shelves and drawers are normally needed to keep the extra things. They need to decide if they want a single vanity or double vanity. Having two sinks can make all the difference, as people will be able to get ready faster without any depression.



A 30-inch x 48-inch clear floor space is required in the bathroom. As a result person who uses a wheelchair can get close properly to the basin and can use the fixture. If knee space is not offered for a forward approach, this clear floor space can be collateral to the cabinet or opposite front and centered on the basin. A countertop toilet with a vanity cabinet as well as a wall-hung lavatory may be generated. There are no specific areas for drain location. The lavatory model and width, plus the obtainable space in the bathroom, visualizes whether or not a vanity cabinet should be ambulatory.

After all bathroom vanity can play a vital role to keep the essential accessories of bathroom.

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