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Average kitchen remodel cost is 5000 $

Remodeling Project

I decided finally to invest in the Remodeling of the kitchen which I had kept in the pipeline for so long and sat down drawing out the fine print and the costs involved. After I looked up all the items which needed to be refurbished in the kitchen and drawing a rough figure, the budget stood around 7000 $. I was stumped as the estimate which I had in my mind was in the neighborhood of 5500 $. No way would I be extending my budget to 7000 as I was already running on a tight budget and cannot fathom as to which part of the project was driving up the budget. But I decided I needed to go through the budget once again and reconsider what I need and what will be just useless splurging.

Revising the budget

After I went through the budget once again, it struck me that I had included a flashy new coffee maker and after looking at my kitchen counter and seeing that I was quite happy with the traditional way of coffee making and didn’t need the coffee maker. It did bring down the budget but it was still around the neighborhood of 6000 $ and I needed another thorough revision. As I went through I thought of the countertop and felt should I spent so much for a stone top when a normal tile or mosaic can serve the purpose. So after making this correction the budget came near 5500 $. So after drawing a gasp of relief I started for the market to buy the products needed for remodeling the kitchen.

At the Market

At the market I was in luck as the cabinet fittings which I was looking for weren’t available but it’s cheaper versions were available and looked sturdy by its looks. I took them and the remaining items came near the expected prices. So after completing my shopping I went back and set down remodeling the kitchen.

The Final budget amount

After I had finished remodeling the kitchen, I calculated the overall cost it incurred and found to my utmost relief the average price of the Kitchen Remodeling was 5000 $. It did save a lot of money and hassle and spot on with the remodeling as kitchen was in a better condition than before and I could boast about my accomplishment to my peers.

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