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Bathroom basins

The bathroom basin is basically one of the center pieces of your bathroom. An ugly unattractive bathroom basin will make your whole bathroom ugly and unattractive. A good looking, stylish and fitting bathroom basin will make the whole bathroom seem stylish and attractive. Let’s look at some of the aspects that make a bathroom basin stylish and fitting.

The Style

You get several different types of bathroom basins. These are known as units. Included in this list is, but is not limited to, the following: The pedestal basin, the cloakroom basin and the vanity unit. Each one of these units are used to create a certain bathroom with a certain type of look and function. Choosing the right unit for your bathroom is essential.

The Fittings

Each basin has a base or bottom, a support and fittings like taps and the trap systems. Make sure these fittings – which usually come with the basin any way, match your bathroom basin and don’t look out of place. Furthermore, more than just matching your bathroom basin, such fittings must fit and be properly attachable to your bathroom basin. Bear this in mind and ask these questions before buying the fittings.

The Color

Bathroom basins come in many different colors to match different bathrooms and their floor, wall and even celling color. The most common color for a bathroom basin to be is white as this color goes well with almost all surroundings. Black and grey are other very common colors for bathroom basins and they match most contemporary styles. Here all one needs to do is make sure the color of the basin matches the rest of the bathroom.

Square, round or curved base

Bathroom basins come in many different shapes and sizes. Deciding what shape and size you want is a very important thing to do when it comes to choosing a bathroom basin. Depending on the size of your bathroom and aspects like your wall and floor tiles – you might want to choose a round or curved basin (this is in smaller bathrooms). Bigger bathrooms with more angular lines suit square basins more.

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