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Doors for the bathroom

The color use in a bathroom is very essential. There should be a contrast in the colors of the bathroom walls and the bathroom doors. But, generally bathrooms are white in color. If you make the doors also in white color in a bathroom of white color, the person who has difficulty in color discrimination may get confused about where the white seat is in the bathroom. So, we must avoid giving white doors or any light colored doors in a white bathroom. It can lead to falls. These days, you get a variety of types of doors in the market of different colors and different materials.

Bathroom door for the master bedroom

You can go for some vintage style door for your bathroom. There are varieties of such doors available these days or you can also have them custom made according to your own style. You can have a door in vintage style which can also be used as the main door of the bathroom or as a cabinet door or it can be braced and bolstered against the wall of the bathroom as a big chalkboard. This will be something unique and will definitely add style to your bathroom.

Opening of the bathroom door

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. In case your bathroom door opens up on the inside of the bathroom and there is no option for a pocket door, you can consider flipping around the door so it opens on the outside towards the attached room. Yeah, sure it may require a little bit of carpentry job like framing etc, but it will also give a more spacious look and room on the inside.Glass/ Mirror door

If you opt for the mirror door, your bathroom will look bigger because your sight of vision is not confined to only your bathroom. You can see through it and that would give it a bigger feel. But, having a transparent glass on the bathroom doors of the house is not that practical an idea. Instead, you can have a mirrored door having a fixed pasted mirror on the inside of the bathroom.

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