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Importance of bathroom lights

Talking about the lightings of your home, you might not give bathroom the importance it deserves. Honestly, people like to think that a place like bathroom doesn’t need the best of choices. People try to save their investment when it comes to the bathroom lightings- making do with a single light source in a large space. Therefore, poorly lit bathroom space is nothing new in modern home designs.

Think of it

Bathroom, well the name doesn’t really spawn the real meaning as it is much more than a place to take bath or shave. Bathroom is more like a place to recharge yourself and rejuvenate after a long day. Be it simple steam shower or a dip into the tub, it can help you relax a lot by putting off your worries and spending time with yourself. Therefore, if you haven’t given the bathroom lightings a serious thought, this might be just the time for you to do so.

The Plan

A good lighted bathroom space doesn’t really have more lighting. The trick is not to increase the lighting but to plan it in a way so that adequate lighting livens it up and serves the purpose at the same time. The plan of lighting for a bathroom would actually consist of various layers including shower space, makeup, shave, etc. Any other light source might be used to enhance the overall effect.

Smart Lighting

As mentioned, one shouldn’t concentrate about increasing the number of lights. Instead, one should think of smart ways to make use of adequate light. For example, focus on increasing the overall light to the shaving mirror which should be shadow less. A pair of sconces might just be the right fit which if placed at the eye level, would give the appropriate illumination. The appropriate illumination would help a lot as you could work at a faster pace without making a mistake.

Is it really worth that much? Should I really be doing this? If these questions are crossing your mind, then probably you should be reminded that this is the place where you start your day as well as end it. A great start could always lead to a better day.


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