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Self-satisfaction bathroom remodel


Bathroom is the practical and personal room in every home which functions more than any other room in the home and hence need fastest and greatest remodeling investment. The reinvestment should provide value to the bathroom and should save money. Bathroom remodel DIY is a famous thing that is growing all over the world. DIY bath room remodel will be self satisfying and budget saving idea. The manageable DIY bath room remodels are the destruction, coloring scheme, selecting the fixtures and fitting, renovating the fittings like towel rails and hooks etc. If the person who is doing the remodeling work is an expert in plumbing and electrical work, they can do these works also by themselves.

Bathroom Remodel DIY

Before starting DIY bath room remodeling, the user has to answer some important questions. By answering the questions the user can identify whether the time and the investment are worthy or not. The questions are as follows.

• What is the budget to purchase all the items to do Bath room remodel DIY?

• What are the things needed to do the task?

• What are the functions of bathroom and the traffic for the bathroom?

• How many days did the members of the family adjust without this bathroom?

• Does energy efficient products are needed or not?

• The expansion of the ventilation is needed or not.

Things to be considered while doing Bathroom Remodel DIY

Check the tiles – Cracked and dull looking tiles degrades the quality of the bathroom. In some cases by altering the color and design of the tile can enhance the style of the bath room.

Wall Repainting – Choosing a wise color can transform a dull room into an elegant room. To do painting first remove the old wall paper by steaming method and completely remove the old paint then only the new paint will give bright look. Neutral colors are the best choice for bathroom style. The use of contrasting color paint will brighten the atmosphere.

Re-polishing the Wood Cabinets – Wipe off the stains from the cabinet and if needed sand the wood if repainting is needed. Waterproof latex is necessary to protect the wood from corrosion.

Renewing the fixtures – Replacing the old mirror, door handles, cabinets, light fixtures and towel rack will give a new looks to the bathroom


Remodeling the bath room DIY will not only change the look of the bathroom. It will give self satisfaction to the person who remodels it.

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