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Calculating your bathroom renovation costs

More often than not people are necessitated to carry out an overhaul bathroom renovation project which is quite a great idea, worth noting however is the fact that bathroom and kitchen renovations are among the most costly projects of house renovations. With this in view it is therefore necessary that whenever you think about undertaking one such project you calculate all the expenses involved to ensure they are within the budget. Taking note of the following estimations will assist you to do that.

The major primary components of a bathroom should be considered first and these include:

Counter tops

If you decide to replace the counter tops with natural stones such as marble or granite, then consider placing your budget at a close estimate of $100 per square foot delivery and installation inclusive while a basic 3/4” will cost $80. On the other hand a Quartz or Corian counter top will cost slightly lower at 75-100$ per square foot while blackwood counter tops will cost you 60-80$ per square foot including installation and please note that wood countertops will also require regular maintenance by use of oil sealants.

Concrete material to suit your base cabinet will usually for 70-80$, Laborite at 25-50$ plus installation with steel on top list costing about 120$. Installation costs for nosing, cutting, angles and footing processes but should definitely be included to the total costs.Backsplash

Natural stone costs stay same as for your countertop, Stone tiles will range from 2-100$ per square foot based on their different sizes plus an additional 25-40$ installation cost. If you decide to go for ceramic or porcelain tiles you’ll only part away with 20$ per square foot plus install while glass will usually also range from 10-80$ depending on its color purity and clarity for the material itself plus an additional 25$ per foot installation cost.


Changing the bath itself though not necessarily the usual case, will cost between 450$ for the usual acrylic tubs and up to 2700$ for a wide range of other makes.
According to a 2013 HIA survey a bathroom renovation then coasted an approximate total of $15000.

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