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Great bathroom shelf ideas for storage purposes of your bathroom

Most of the people have storage issues in bathrooms of them whether they have a large or a small bathroom. People who have small bathrooms especially complain that they do not have sufficient space to store all of their important things such as blow dryers, towels, lotions and brushes. So, in this article we will focus on some simple as well as inexpensive bathroom shelf ideas to keep your essentials neatly in the bathroom.

Floating shelves

By installing a floating shelf above your bath tub will be great to keep your wash cloths, bath soaps and also other necessities as well. To get a dramatic look, you can use a finish which pops against your wall color.


Bespoke shelving

Most of the people always clamor for more storage and there is a way that you can utilize every inch of space to get enough space for the storage. With the bespoke shelving you can fit it into teeny nook as well as skinny alcove. Simple wood chunks you have used can appear smartly against a white background.

Take the use of dead space in your bathroom

In your bathroom, if there are dead spaces beside your tub, you can make use of it. You can create cubbies in spaces between studs and it will give storage without losing any space and it will look great also.

Custom fit shelves

If you have found a difficulty in finding space in your bathroom, custom fit shelves will be the best option for you. Look more closely and you may discover a few nooks to tuck the shelves you need into. A shelf which is of six inches width even will provide enough storage for the washcloths, extra soap and toiletries. And remember to look up in your bathroom too. You can fit a high shelf and it will be a greatly useful if you need to store your extra towels.

Recessed shelving

For your storage purposes in the bathroom, recessed shelving will be a good option as it is easy in installation in a situation if you have design it to get fit between the wall studs. As an alternative you can bring a freestanding unit and paint it in order to make it blend with the walls surrounding.

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