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Tiling ideas for small bathrooms

People around us have big as well as small houses. It becomes very difficult to decide how to decorate our small house. Most important, we spend lots of time thinking which tiles to use for our bathrooms if they are not spacious. So, when tiling your bathrooms, you should keep in mind some things.


1. Diagonal Tiles: Diagonal tiles make us believe that the rooms are bigger than it seems. It is difficult to count normal tiles on the same floor-space than the diagonal tiles.

2. Light-colored tiles: This is important thing to keep in mind. Light colors help to look any room bigger and full of space. Dark colors make you feel enclosed. This is the reason that roofs are always painted with light colors, especially white. This does not imply that you should go for white color. It’s just that you can use 50% white in the tiles.

3. Large-sized tiles: Bigger tiles also make rooms spacious as compared to small tiles.


1. Unified or blended tiling: This tiling technique means that all the tiles are of same color so it looks like one huge tile. We should use light colors for this and try to keep the tiles as close as possible for the unified effect.

2. Mosaic: This is complete inverse of unified tiling. The tiling that has awesome qualities. This tiling is difficult to keep perfect but it looks extraordinary on the floors.

3. Modern tile patterns: The ‘Pinwheel’ and ‘Basketweave’ patterns are becoming popular nowadays. These patterns make your bathrooms look cozier.


According to most interior designers, you should not use very large tiles, like of the size 60 cm * 40 cm. Also using small tiles can also be a problem. So, according to designers it is better to use medium-sized tiles which are not so large. This is somewhat contradicting to above thoughts which says you should use bigger tiles. It is okay to use large tiles but make sure not to use oversized tiles. For the best effect, you can use tile of size 40 cm * 20 cm.

You can blend it up a bit by including an alternate size or shade of tiles inside the showering region. The span of tiles isn’t as imperative inside this range, yet it’s best to have floor tiled with smaller cuts as the grouting gives your feet additional footing.

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