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Creative bathroom tiles ideas

If you want to make a bathroom that stands out, you should focus on the tiles aspect of the room. Tiles play a vital role in deciding the style of the bathroom and you can use a bit of innovation to give a unique look to your special room. Skip the neutral square tiles and rather use the walls and floor as a creative playground. Here are some inspirational tiles ideas that will help you get a designer bathroom without spending on a designer.uploaded

Striped pattern

You can choose horizontal or vertical stripes for tiles available in a variety of colors. Choose an effective combination of two or more colors to give your bathroom a refreshing, cool appeal. You can consider starting the bottom of the wall with a dark tile color and continue up with lighter hues to create an outstanding effect adding to the contemporary look.

Wooden wonder

Thinking out of the box with your bathroom wall covering, you can select wooden rectangular tiles and place them in puzzle like pattern or some other exciting fashion to give an amazingly new look to your bath. You can consider using sconces with a wooden finish at the bases to seamlessly blend into the wall’s design and make your bathroom stand out.

Multicolored mosaics

The mosaic tile walls from floor to ceiling can provide a dramatic effect to the bathroom. Placing the tiles in a random arrangement with varied colors create a kaleidoscope like effect and add a touch of intrigue to the entire room.


You can use multi-dimensional tiles to give your bathroom an additional texture. Small design tiles can create a nice texture on the walls to provide additional depth to the place. You can consider decorating the vanity and sink areas with smooth coordinating tiles in different material to create a balanced blend for the bathroom.

Natural Look

For those who like a clean, natural look, adding a stone wall to the bath really works wonders. Natural stone tiles add both depth and texture to the walls. You can consider making it a feature wall and the remaining portion of the bath can be covered with simple tiles to create a balance.


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