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Kinds of bathroom tiles

All bathroom tiles are not of same type and size. Granted, the value per-square-foot lets you know that much, however what makes a tile expensive than another? Many factors play an important role in it. First is durability, other is the resistant level and many other factors. Tile material is of supreme importance in it. The most commonly used materials in bathroom tiles are:

Ceramic tile:

Ceramic tiles are very common and beautiful. It is extremely durable. It is top choice of many of the people when it comes to bathroom tiles. It is suitable for all the climate conditions and is sure to last long.

Porcelain tile:

One of the most beautiful tiles ever witnessed. It is available in variety of finishes. It is very hard which makes them extremely durable. It is more durable than above mentioned Ceramic tiles. One of the disadvantages is that it is difficult to install. You can’t install it yourself. You need a professional to get this job done.

Quarry tile:

It is the strongest variety of tile. Because of its quality and super fine hardness it is mostly used in public places where durability is important. It is the most durable tile. It is quite similar to ceramic tile in composition, however it is usually found in earthy stones.


Stone tile:

It is the fast growing tile. Unique look and unbelievable durability makes it a smart choice for everyone. It is much more expensive than all the other tiles available, it is also difficult to work with. As the name says, it is as durable as the stone.

Glass tile:

Glass tile is a different type of tile depending upon its nature. It must be textures and installed properly to avoid slip. It has a unique look. It is available in different forms but it is not that much popular

Vinyl tile:

Vinyl tile is one of the most popular bathroom tiles. It is excellent for every bathroom type and fits easily. Installation is not difficult. It is safe and durable. It has a low cost and high performance which makes it different from all.

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