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Bathroom furniture and units

Bathroom units include all the furniture and storage vanities that we use in the bathrooms, for example, wall cabinets, freestanding and fitted bathroom furniture, oak cabinets, designer fittings etc.

Bathroom units can give the finishing touches to your newly updated and designed bathrooms. Bathrooms are the most important and used room of the house. Hence, it should be stylish as well as practical.

Bathroom cabinets make an important bathroom unit. They are used to store bathroom products and accessories. They can combine beautiful design very well with functionality and usability.

Bathroom mirror cabinets

Bathroom mirror cabinets, as the name itself says, brings the two most essential needs of the bathroom together in one single piece- storage (cabinet) and the mirror. A mirror’s use is not only traditional, but it also helps in creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom and also illuminates the room to a great extend by bringing the extra light into a small space.

Illuminated cabinets for the bathroom

Illuminated bathroom cabinets are also a very good option to have in a bathroom. They act as an extra wall light along with storage. The only thing is that it gives out light only to a targeted location, the space where there is most requirement of the light.

Bathroom wall cabinets and free standing cabinets

Wall cabinets in the bathroom have proven to be very space saving storage. They are generally hung at the eye level for easy access to all the things kept in it whereas, the freestanding cabinets are the ones that provide a surface for storing and displaying other items. They can also have bathroom essentials along with a standing mirror.

Other important bathroom units may include bathroom mirrors, mirror cabinets, vanity mirrors, bathroom accessories like shower accessories, toilet accessories, wash-basin accessories, towel rails and towel holders, shelves, scales and interior organizers.

There are storages, shelves and cabinets for all types of bathrooms, be it a king size bath or a small bathroom with minimal space. Having the right bathroom units makes your mornings rush simpler and the evenings in a warming bath a lot more relaxing.

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