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Unify your bathroom design with wall tile

Bathrooms are typically small, with walls that are interrupted by fixtures, windows, shower valves, and electrical switches and outlets. A good wall tile design can help unify all of these elements into a cohesive whole while creating sight lines that enhance the room’s feeling of spaciousness.


Selecting tile

The most interesting part of bathroom remodeling is to choose the perfect bathroom wall tile that matches your bathroom project. If you are intending to invest lots of money, you will never run of choices. At the same time, people who are on a tight budget, you may have to visit several showroom to get the best deal. Some types of bathroom wall tile charges hidden fees. It is up to you to choose the best one that is out of this concept. The best thing to do is to choose a reasonably priced bathroom wall tile and look for inexpensive types of trim pieces to match it.

Aligning the bathroom wall tile

The key is locating and aligning in as logical a manner as possible all of the various items that interrupt the wall plane, and then linking them together with your tile design. For example, the top of the sink roughly from 30 in. to 36 in. above the floor – can establish the starting point for a strong horizontal line. If there is a window in the bathroom, it still can be set close to this line. This is also a good height to set the shower control, even though it may be located on an adjacent wall. The horizontal alignment need not be exact; remember that the backsplash design (as well as the size of the tile used to build the backsplash) can be varied to make up any differences in the relative elevations of these components.

Other ideas for tile fixing

Because tile creates vertical, as well as horizontal, sight lines, vertical alignments is also important. Minor variations from the vertical line – a showerhead or spout that is off-center from a control, for example – are emphasized by tileĀ“s vertical grout lines. Thus it is important to plan your fixture layout so that variations from logical vertical or horizontal arrangements look intentional.


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