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Get your bathroom renovations and installations at bathroom direct

Who are Bathroom Direct?

Bathroom Direct is a company that deals in installation, renovation and selling of bathroom components. They are comprised of qualified bathroom designers who put a lot of time and effort to ensure that you as their customer receive quality services. These design also have the required experience to be able to offer those services.

Where can you find their showrooms?

They have two showrooms in Auckland, one in Manukau, one in Wellington, one in Hutt Valley and finally one in Christchurch.

Products they offer.

Bathroom Direct deal in the following products:
 Showers: they come with cubicles and doors
 Vanities: as for these they offer both floor mounted and wall hung. You also get to choose the texture you want the vanities to come with.
 Dreamline showers: these comprise frameless showers.
 Steam stoppers
 Freestanding baths
 Built-in baths
 Spa baths
 Toilets

They manufacture the above products in conjunction with their sister company Henry Brooks design. There are also several accessories that come with the above products that I have not mentioned such as tapware.


How do they handle bathroom renovations and installation?

Well first if you want to have your bathroom renovated or installed, you have to call them first. During this phone call you consult with one of their designers and you share with them your needs from which they develop. You also get to discuss your budget. After this a designer visits your home to take measurements. They then go back and come with a 3D visualization of the bathroom based on your needs and budget. You then meet with your consultant, visit their showroom where you get to see the actual components to be installed in your bathroom. From here it is the final step where the bathroom is installed.


Bathroom Direct offer quality services in my opinion and the fact that you get to see what to expect in 3D even before installation means you actually get to correct mistakes beforehand. Their promises are to offer superior services, using quality products at a fair price.

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