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All you need to know about a ceramic sink

It’s not hard to see why ceramic sinks are becoming the in thing. They are simple smooth and add that extra ump to your kitchen that every home owner dreams of.

What is a ceramic sink?

A ceramic sink is a sink made of clay, glass and metal among other things. Its frame resembles that of ceramic titles making it a very good option when it comes to manufacturing of sinks. Its becoming a fast trend especially in modern kitchens.


Low moisture absorbency and cheap

This is a quality all sinks possess. The ceramic sink is ideal as it is beautiful and smooth making it a top choice when it comes to choosing a kitchen sink. They also come at a significantly lower price than most sinks. This makes them the best choice for a tight budget.


With a ceramic sink you can choose any color, pattern or design you want. This gives it more flexibility as compared to other materials like steel which have limited option due to their stiff nature. So if you’re a lover of color or just a far off lover of difference this should be your number one choice for a sink.

Easy to clean

Ceramic titles tend to be stain resistance hence all you have to do is wipe the surface smoothly. This is defiantly a plus in the sink department.


Prone to chipping and cracking
This goes to show they are not very durable and in case of a scratch or crack they will require replacement.

Prone to heat

Unlike most other sinks, ceramic tiles do not react well with temperature so it’s important to keep it in a heat friendly zone. However, it’s key to note that a ceramic sink can handle normal kitchen temperatures without a hitch.


A ceramic sink is easy to maintain all it requires is simply wiping on the top. For a good clean finish use of vinegar and lemon is encouraged.


A ceramic is not only budget friendly, easy to maintain and beautiful it’s simply a symbol of elegance worth having in your kitchen.

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