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Remodel your kitchen with french country kitchen décor

French country kitchen décor is an attractive blend of bright and rich colors like darker shades or red, olive, golden, natural neutral colors. They are designed to embody the beauty and character of the rural France. With earthier tones and natural materials, a French country kitchen décor is sure to deliver a perfect ambience for a comfortable, attractive and authentic cooking experience.

If you are planning to remodel your existing kitchen into a French country-styled kitchen, the below mention tips might do the trick for you.

Inspired by France

The rural and outdoor life of France is the reason responsible for using darker shades in French-themed décor. Be it the lavender fields, vineyards, villages, hills, and farmhouses of France lend their inspiration to the different elements of a French-themed kitchen.

Decorating Ideas

French country kitchen décor is often described as comfortable with some shades of rust. Wooden floors, antique hardware, terracotta, wrought iron, fabric, stoneware, and copper are the different elements of a French kitchen, which provide your kitchen with a natural and timeless appeal.

French kitchens are designed to show away the kitchen equipment’s and not hide them. Cooking pots, pans, and other utensils are often let out for display, not only to add a visual appeal, but also to ensure that they are easily accessible. There are many antique-styled hanging racks available in the market that can be hung over the island for hanging the kitchen ware.



Lighter shades can be used on the cabinets for an earthy look. You can also add pendant lights, wooden floors, antique artwork, and matching countertops to ensure that old-age French-feeling is in the air throughout the space.


The main theme of your kitchen can be that of a lighter shade. You can then add darker shaded accents to it to add that French feel. Cookware, curtains, lights and other things in darker shade will further that French feel of your kitchen.

Final Touch

To add a final touch to this setting, you can add wire grille door inserts or leaded glass in the cabinets. You can even light up the cabinets from within. To ensure the authentic look, you can paint the cabinets, paneling and even the walls in attractive shades of lavender, antique white or cobalt blue. Instead of using shinny countertops, you can use countertops made up of granite or marble that has a little rusty and earthy appeal to it.

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