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Ideas of installing tiles in bathroom

The bathroom is the most common place of every house where tiles are used. They are generally best solution to maintain bathroom tidy and hygienic in compare to carpet, paints and wallpaper.

In fact, tiles can offer unique look and potential value to the bathroom which can’t be added by other materials.
All types of tiles can be used in bathroom like slate or travertine, porcelain or ceramic. At the basic level, personal choice is key but some of the tile idea for bathroom below will help you to make better choice and assist to choose the right tile for your bathroom.

What size of tile can be used in my bathroom to make it look better?

Most of the FAQ will recommend you to not use larger bathroom tiles (eg.60x30cm) in a small bathroom as they will make room look significantly small. Although for most of the cases it’s true but if the tiles are used without any cut then the result at the end can be impressive

In spite of the fact, small tile can look best in smaller bathrooms, grout lines can give a visual appeal in compared to bigger tiles. Also, many people use tile of medium sized (e.g. 40x20cm) which are common choice for both small and large bathroom.

Make a note to maintain space between windows, basin, toilet, etc. If the space is compact, we recommend to use small tiles as they will look better than larger tiles and need less cuts.

How tile can make small size bathroom look bigger?

Especially light colored tiles like cream or white can make small sized bathroom look bigger since they are able to reflect the light more than tiles of darker color, giving spacious and airy feel in bathroom.

Making the use of same color tiles on wall as well as floor can give your bathroom more spacious effect as well. In addition, in order to enhance the effect grout of similar color can be used.

Does tile make the floor feel cold?

Generally, tiles keep the actual heat so that one couldn’t feel cold on feet, although it depends on the surface below the tiles. Wood below the tile can give you a warmer feeling than tiling onto concrete.

How many tiles are total needed for my bathroom?

It is very easy to find total tiles needed in a bathroom by calculating a tile calculator which will help one to determine how many square meters of total tiles are required.

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