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Kitchen corner sink ideas

The position of the sink in the kitchen matters a lot. Unfortunately, most people have not realized this. The simple fact is you cannot position the kitchen sink anywhere in the kitchen. It has to be at a strategic position. This is mainly because of issues of convenience and for purposes of creating enough space in the kitchen. It is rare to come across a kitchen whose position is the corner. There are numerous reasons that can account for this. If you are wondering why the kitchen sink should always be in certain positions, consider the following important points.

The kitchen sink divided in half

This is one of the best kitchen sink positions that you can ever think of. There are numerous advantages that are associated with this position. First of all, it is a convenient way to position a kitchen sink. This is mainly because it provides more space for working. When a corner sink is shared in half, it simply means that half of it is on one side of the corner and another is on the other side. This mainly depends on how long the sink is. One part of the sink can be the one which hosts the taps and the other part can be the one which hosts the board. This is a perfect arrangement that can prove to be convenient.

Shelves easily distributed

When you have a kitchen sink in the corner, you will find it very easy to distribute the shelves under the sink. You can have shelves on one side of the corner and more shelves on the other side. Alternatively, you can have shelves on one side and a chest of drawers on the other. Such an arrangement makes it very easy for anyone to work from the kitchen.

Attached to kitchen unit

When you have a kitchen sink which is in the corner, the best thing you can do is to ensure that it is connected to a kitchen cabinet or unit. You have to make the top of the kitchen continuous with the counter of the kitchen. This is one of the best ways to make the kitchen as spacious and as convenient as possible.

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