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Decorating themes for kitchen

Kitchen is not just some space for cooking food, it is the place where eating is also done. Decorating the kitchen with different themes makes the food more delicious or at least the food feels delicious. These decorating themes depends on the type of furniture and utensils available in one’s kitchen and also the on the color of the furniture and utensils. Off course budget also plays a major role in deciding the theme. Space availability is also a major deciding factor. Selecting best theme for your kitchen is not an easy task but at the same time it is not as hard as you might think. Here are few themes you can look into:

Cottage kitchen theme:

This theme includes weathered cabinets and open shelves. You can provide glass to protect utensils from dust but the theme looks good with the open shelves. Cottage kitchen is more popular in towns near lakes and seas. The best suited color for cottage kitchen theme is sunny yellow and water blue.

Trendy kitchen theme:

This kitchen theme is also known as transitional kitchen theme and as the name suggests this theme is comes between the classic and contemporary theme. Different color combinations can be applied to this theme. Trendy kitchen theme is the most common theme and is very popular.


Traditional kitchen theme:

Traditional kitchen theme gives your kitchen traditional and classic look. In the traditional kitchen theme generally hardwood flooring is done but sometime people also go for tiles. Dark paint is done on the cabinets and shelves and wood ceiling beams are introduced. Lamps and shaded lights are also used to give the kitchen proper classic look. The numbers of cabinets are more than drawers to give it a traditional look.

Modern kitchen theme:

This theme matches very easily with the stainless steel which is the reason behind this theme’s popularity. This theme is the clear winner when it comes to storage. This theme is easy to create and maintain and does not require a specific type of furniture as well. Both wooden floor and tiles look great in this theme.

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