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Ideal kitchen island stool

Make your kitchen island seating a more different and stylish with a stool. Kitchen is a place where one needs to stand for longer time while doing all kitchen stuffs like cooking, cleaning, baking etc. One can place a kitchen island stool in the kitchen to rest on it and give your leg and feet some rest too.

Types of kitchen island stools

o Bar stools
o Counter stools
o Kitchen stools

Things to be considered while buying a kitchen island stool


Kitchen island stools come in different price range. One can also custom make them as per their preference and need. Look out for discounts to get a good piece at a very less price.

Style and décor:

Consider the style and décor whether modern, contemporary, traditional etc. of the house and choose the stool accordingly.


Decide on the material of the stool. One can choose from oak, stainless steel, painted wood and other metals as the materials for the stool. It should contrast and match with the color and style of the other kitchen fixtures.


Consider if you need cushioned seats on the kitchen stool. They add comfort and easy while sitting.


Identify the need of having a back to the kitchen stool. They are visually attractive and also suitable for all kitchen types.



Consider the height of the stools and also consider if you want a stool that swivel. These types of stools are suitable for large and modern kitchen types.

What should be looked for when buying kitchen stools?


Besides being stylish, classy or trendy the kitchen island stools should provide comfort to the user. Kitchen stools save a lot of space and are very easy for storage. However one can sit comfortable on these stools only for short period.


It is necessary to consider the safety of the user when buying the stools. The stools should be very much safe for all ages and sizes. They should have a strong leg base and should be stable.

Size and height:

The stool should be purchased according to the size and height of the family members. One should decide on the height and size of the stool keeping various factors in mind.

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