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How to choose a kitchen mixer tap

The tap over your kitchen sink is one of the most used appliance in any kitchen, and mixer taps are designed to make things easier in the kitchen. Apart from being extremely functional, it is also pretty stylish in looks and that enhances the looks of your kitchen as well. Moreover, the mixer taps are available in a wide range of materials and designs to suit your kitchen setting.

The mixer taps are designed to provide both hot and cold water from the same spout. They normally have liver or screw taps, which can be single or double. Many modern mixture taps also have a vegetable spray option. This new addition allows you to transform the standard water flow into a water spray for washing your vegetables, peeling them or rinse plates. Some tapes also have a pull out spray which can be used to easily fill out containers that are placed away from the sink.


Design and function are the two factors that can help you choose the perfect mixture tap for your kitchen sink. It should be very easy to use, even with oily hands and should enhance the work space. Smooth movement of the lever or the screw tap is very essential to ensure accurate adjustment of temperature and water flow.

For modern kitchens that have an open space plan, a single lever mixer is perfect, whereas two lever tap is ideal for traditional kitchens.

Tap Finishes

Kitchen sink mixer taps that have chrome and stainless steel finishes are perfect for kitchens of every style. While the chrome taps will highlight the sink area and will enhance the looks of the kitchen, stainless steel is known for its anti-bacterial properties and will add a professional touch to the ambience.


How to Buy a Mixture Tap?

While choosing a mixture tap, ensure that the tap has all the features that you need. In short it should suit your lifestyle. You can choose one with chrome or stainless steel finish, and you can also choose between single and two lever tap as per your need.

A good-quality kitchen sink mixture tap is sure to last for a very long time, so always choose a design that will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Also keep in mind that the sink tap is one of the busiest of appliances in your kitchen, and is this tap is not functioning properly then it can affect the whole functioning of your kitchen. So while buying a mixture tap always try to buy a good quality tap that comes with a guarantee. If for some reason your budget is tight, then try to save money from somewhere else in the kitchen, but now with the sink tap.

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