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Sass up your kitchen wall décor

Kitchen walls are usually not paid much attention. This makes working and dining in the kitchen boring. One can always sass up the kitchen décor by adding some color and character to it. It’s time to give some personality to your kitchen space and the best and easiest way to start is with the walls.

Kitchen wall décor

This part of the kitchen can be jazzed up and can be made livelier by adding a dose of bright color, wall papers or decals. One can buy them from the stores or can DIY (Do it yourself). The latter idea is great as you can give your kitchen a personal touch. But with busy schedules and time crunches the first option is great too.

Some ideas to work on kitchen wall décor

Themed kitchen art pieces

There are many readily available art pieces that are based on kitchen themes, or in that matter any theme you are fond of. You can choose them depending on your taste and style for display on kitchen walls. The framed art pieces add a dash of liveliness to your kitchen.


Decals have got popularized recently due to their wide variety, themes and ease of installation. They are readily available in all home décor or home improvement stores. The beautiful designs and patterns give more dimensions and depth to the kitchen walls. Many decals involve
of food items, fruits, and utensils etc. which also pep up the kitchen walls.

Use of oversized fonts and letters

These kind of stickers or decals are trending now, as they can be used to put up a personalized message or just a quote you are fond of on your kitchen wall. They come in various sizes and colors to match the paint color of your wall. These are also available with an option where you can hang them too.

Notification boards with black paint

Putting up a large black painted section on the kitchen wall and then using chalk to write in messages, important notes, quotes or even the menu in that case can make the kitchen walls very live. One can have interactions with the family members with these kind of notification boards on the kitchen walls.

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