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A brief on light fixtures bathroom

Place to relax

Nowadays bathroom has become a place to relax from busy hours. If we consider the lightning of the overall house the we find that must of the people do not want to invest in lightning the bathrooms, but lightning in the bathroom can make people refreshed when they use it . We can our self-fell the difference once we use the bathroom with light fixtures and the bathroom with no proper lightning.

As we know bathroom nowadays have bathtubs along with steam shower in home the lightning can play a vital role. Moreover it is the place where we start and ends our day so it needs to be perfect on every basis along with lightning fixtures.

Light Fixtures How to choose proper lightning?


While choosing lightning must of the people are good at choosing mirror lights and vanity lightning as they are directly seen by people and get more consideration. But, while choosing the celling light people often get wrong, people directly keep the light above the mirrors which forms the shadow in the mirror making our day to day activates difficult. Moreover lights of required power should be done so that we can enjoy the proper lightning.

The place where we have tubs or shower corner is the second important place for lightning, these place should also be lighted properly so that we can see what we r doing. Moreover if we have tubs then we can use dim light to relax for a longer period of time. We can use led lights which comes with huge colour variant, consumes less energy and give good lightning decoration. We can add dimmer features on it which will help us to dim the light as per our mood.

Safety measures

Even though lightning gives a finest touch to the bathroom it is always we and we know that water and electricity are lethal companions. As we know that bathroom is always a wet place so a small leakage can cause a greater damage so we must consult an expert when we have any sort of problems. Plugins lights should never be kept around the sink. Celling lights must be covered by some waterproof sheets which can even allow to pass the light efficiently. Though lightning fixture provides a very good decoration to bathrooms the risk is always associated with it so we must follow the preventive measures while we do these things at our home.

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