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Must- haves in a luxury bathroom

A luxury bathroom is an investment. The bathrooms are now being made to have a spa- getaway feeling to them. Not only the people living in the house enjoy it but it also increases the market value of the place significantly. Themes like Asian, vintage, island can completely transform the look of the bathroom. However, designing or remodeling such bathrooms is not a simple task. The budget, right products, layout everything has to be decided and these, depend on the space, user preferences. Thus, before remodeling it is essential to take proper tips to get the best work done. Some of the features that can remodel the bathroom are listed below

Multi-head showers

An extra-large shower with multiple showerheads leads to relax able and soothing shower.

Double Sink and Vanities

This can help when more than one person have to use the bathroom simultaneously so each can get their own space.

Oversized Tub

A large tub is ideas to relax after a long day. The style of the tub should be according to the room. These days, freestanding and vintage-style tubs in modern materials are a popular choice. A great view by the tub is an adds on.

Separate toilet room

Private toilet in the bathroom adds to the privacy and makes it easier for everyone to share the bathroom.


It is essential to have some storage space in the bathroom for keeping the towels, products, toilet paper. So a proper storage space should be designed to keep the bathroom neat and tidy.

Environment friendly designing

There is a lot of stress given on using green, conservation products and that implies in the bathroom too. Green products are having good design, function well, and are chemical free which is good for the user’s health also. The dual flush toilet should be installed to save water. The flooring should be constructed with recyclable products, such as bamboo flooring.


Technology helps the user to make the most use of his time in the bathroom. Television, music player, stereo systems are such examples. Also lightening adds a lot to the look and feel of the bathroom. Proper ventilation in the bathroom is also necessary.


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