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Convenience of additional bathrooms with macerator toilets

Macerator toilets

If you want to add in a new bathroom in your home or an apartment which does not allow breaking and plumbing into the concrete, you should opt for macerator toilets. These are great as they do not need extensive breaking of the concrete while installation. These use grinder pumps to ease the flushing of the toilets. This helps to move the wastes easily up by pumping. These toilets are great in places where the toilets are installed below the sewer pipe. Macerator toilets can come in handy as a rescue for situations where you need to covert a room in utility area or build in a new bathroom. These macerator toilets consist of macerator units which are responsible for chopping up the solids and making them into slurry along with the fluids. This can easily allow the waste material to pump up through a pipe and avoid clogging.

Different types of macerator toilets

The different types of macerator toilets depend on the placement of the macerator unit

– Macerator toilets with units installed behind them. These toilets have their macerating units installed right behind the toilet units. These show up in your bathrooms and need extra care and cleaning.

– Macerator toilets with the macerating units away from the sight. The macerating units are installed some other place outside the bathrooms. These type of macerator toilets are the ones which are preferred by many people.
Things to remember before buying the macerator toilets

There are some things that one should remember before buying and installation of a macerator toilet which includes,
– Be sure about the placement of the macerator unit. You can either opt into placing it just behind your toilets or you can add a separate panel for the units so that they are not visible in the bathrooms.

– Electricity is important for macerator toilets. There should be a close availability or access to plug points where you are planning to place or install your macerator toilets.

– Take suggestions from your plumber and work in his guidance to get a non-messy and hassle free installation of macerator toilet in your bathroom.

The benefits of the macerator toilet helps you in adding a bathroom in low lying area or in basements too. Macerator toilets are also used in the places which experience low pressure of water. The macerator units can also be used for your kitchen sinks and baths.

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