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Improve the look of the kitchen by painting the cupboards

Kitchen cupboards

It is important to keep the cupboards in the kitchen good looking and neat. This can be done by either replacing which can be a tedious job to do or by painting them, which is much easier job to work on. Kitchen cupboards are used day in and day out. They tend to get dirty and worn out as and when we use them. It might lead to additional pest troubles if they are not cleaned or maintained. Painting the cupboards not only looks good but also keeps them protected from bugs and pests.

Options available for painting kitchen cupboards

Painting kitchen cabinets can be done by with oil based paint or with latex paint. Both the paints have their advantages and disadvantages. Oil based paint is known to give a sturdy and hard finish which can last very long unlike the latex paints which tend to wear off easily and quickly. A semi-gloss finish with the latex paint can work well too. You can use many different aids for painting your cupboards like brushes, rollers or spray paints. Use of spray paints may get messy if you are doing them indoors. It is a good option of working with them outdoors to avoid the mess, but this also means that you will require detaching the cupboards and again fixing them. This can be laborious, so one can use a brush or roller to paint the kitchen cupboards indoors itself. Carefully paint the first coat and allow it to dry for at least a day and then apply a second coat. Once completely try you can add the hardware and fixtures back in place.

Points to work on before painting

Before painting the cupboards one should work on these points:

– Select a color beforehand that is in contrast or something that complement with the rest of the color in the kitchen.
– Clean the cabinets with a degreaser to remove all the stains and grease from them
– Remove the hinges and hardware from the cupboards and store them safely
– Use a sandpaper in case the earlier paint is too bright or shiny
– Use a primer before painting


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