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How to select pendant lightings for your kitchen island

Choosing kitchen island lighting is always an issue that should be well considered before it is implemented. This is to avoid using the wrong type of lighting for the kitchen island.


There are 3 major types of home lights, they include:

• Ambient lights: This is the most common type of lighting in the house which is provided by bulbs attached inside the ceiling or fixed on the wall.

• Accent lights: This is the type of light that is used to draw attention to a special room item or feature

• Task lights: This type of lights includes pendant lights and under-cover lights.


Task light play a major role in places where a lot of work is done such as the kitchen. Pendant lighting could be used to get attention most especially when they are used in a kitchen island or in a room’s focal point.


The “rule of 3” is a simple rule a lot of designers for interior apply when they want to carry out kitchen island lighting. It helps them to get balance easily by doing a repeat for certain elements thrice. Another name for the rule of 3 is the odd numbers rule. The brain of human beings is a machine that has the ability to recognize

patterns. It is able to easily recognize simple patters in odd number form. Some kitchens have 3 pendant lighting in the kitchen island. They further add another pendant in the sink of the kitchen. There is a balanced lighting due to the fact that the 3 pendant lighting placed on top of the kitchen island is located on the same plane. The pendant located on the sink of the kitchen is totally in a different plane.

There are however, cases where the rule of 3 is not made us of. For instance, some modern kitchen has an island that is smaller. Only 2 large pendant lighting is used in this kitchen island. The space of the kitchen island would be too small to accommodate 3 pendant lighting.

It is also possible to use your pendant to reflect your color and interests. Colorful pendants that are either pretty or fanciful in a kitchen island can easily become a focal point in the kitchen. This is more so if it is a neutral room.

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