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Toilet and sanitary wares company – rak ceramics

RAZ Ceramics is basically a consumer for ceramics and is known internationally; it has somehow affiliation with UAE. The company was developed in the year 1991 and Sheikh Saud managed this project. Since the time when the company established, till now the company has become such a manufacturer of ceramics that is considered to be the largest in the world. Globally, its annual production for the outputs id supposed to be about one hundred and seventeen million meter sq. of the tiles of ceramics, about four and a half million parts of sanitary ware products and about twenty million parts of table-wares. The main set-up of the company is located in a desert of UAE; it is at a distance of about sixty-minutes-drive from the international airport of Dubai. The raw materials that are used by the company mainly are quartz, feldspar etc. They are obtained by the company locally and the equipment that is used mostly is supposed to be Italian.

About the Products’ Specialization

The most famous products offered by the company include the following:

• Ceramics

• Bath-ware

• RAK Porcelain

• Sinks for kitchens

The products can be a lot more in a great variety and of good quality and there are a large number of specializations of the company.

Benefits of the products

Well, when a commodity is bought it surely gives you a benefit; this is the reason that you buy something. But if there are some extra advantages then the product seems to be better than the other products of the same category. The products offered by the RAK Ceramics Company are supposed to be very good in quality. They are designed in such a way that they have some additional advantages related to hygiene. Furthermore, the products are supposed to have such prices that go with their quality. The customers are not supposed to be over-charged by the company for their products.

There are a lot of different web sites about the company available on the internet that let you know about the details of their different products and the company details as well. The prices can also be checked online and the pictures and images for each of the products is given on their web sites; so you do not really have to go to visit their shops if you just wat to go through their products.

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