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Get a revamped look with bathtub refinishing

Bathtub refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is the best way to get a new revamped look for the bathtubs. If your bath tub is old or made during constructions you might need to refinish your bathtub. The process of refinishing allows you to correct the chips and damages of the bathtub. You can hire professionals for refinishing of your bathtub or do it on your own by following certain simple method. Refinishing can be performed for bathtubs with many materials like acrylic, tile, marble etc. It needs cleaning, and application of chemicals to refinish the look of your bath tub. There are certain precautions you need to follow if you are planning to do it by yourself. You should be careful with the chemicals you use when performing the refinishing of the bathtub.

Requirements of refinishing

There are some basic requirements for refinishing the bathtub. These include both chemicals and the PPE’s for safety.

– Tub refinishing kit

– Paint brush or roller and tray

– Tapes

– Safety glasses

– Scraper

– Gloves

– Paper tissues or towels

– Cleaning powder ( Non- abrasive)

Method of refinishing the bathtub

You should well protect yourself before refinishing the bathtub. You should wear goggles or glasses and gloves to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the chemicals and abrasives used in the process.

– Clean and dry your bathtub

– Use a nonabrasive cleaning powder to remove the oil and scum from the bathtubs

– Rinse and clean

– Sand the bathtub with a sand paper. You can also use the solution available with the refinishing kit if you are using one.

– Rinse and let the tub dry

– Use a primer reducer to remove residual soap and after drying of the tub tape the areas which do not need the painting. You can use a masking tape to cover all these areas. Also cover the fixtures of the bathtub like the taps and showers with plastic covers to avoid staining.

– Apply the primer coat on the bathtub with the aid of a brush or roller. You can also use a spray paint can for getting an even coat of the primer. Keep the windows and doors open while performing this step.

– Once your primer dries off, apply another topcoat to it. Try to keep your hand steady and uniform if you are using a brush or a roller when performing this step.

– Allow this coat to dry for at least 48 hours.


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