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The best of kitchen sink taps

There several types of skins out there and it’s never easy choosing a tap design that suits your sink. For most people they simply buy the first one there hands can grab without paying attention to the design material or simply name.

Best sink tap designs for all sinks in general

The Orinoco by Astracast

If you’re looking for a tap design that is almost heavenly this is it for you. It features a long steel make than curves down to form a flat easy to use tap. It’s beautiful spectacular and defiantly classy.


The viceroy

Shaped like an air pump with a fat bottom and skinny top. This is a top trend for lovers of simplicity. It features two lower opening taps to allow for hot and cold. It’s a short likable tap that does not go too far to be fancy but simple yet sophisticated all the same.


This is a simple two color tap that some in silver incorporated with black on a long flat curving pipe. It’s complicated contrasting look brings an extra edge of sophistication. This makes it a top trend when it comes to kitchen sinks.

The professional color matched by Astracast

This is one of the most beautiful taps seen to man. Its uniqueness and beauty will simply blow you mind to a level that is almost overwhelming. It comes with a pull out spray that is simple and easy to use. It comes in a beautiful two color contrast display of black and silver perfect water control. This is definitely the number one tap for a modern kitchen.

Hjuvik single-lever mixers tap by ikea

Easy to pull out due to its stretchable design, this is defiantly the most modern of taps. It’s simple well designed and defiantly a kitchen tap to consider.

Eve Luminaqua tap by KWC.

This is a beautiful slender tap that comes with the best lighting if not the only in the tap world. This is defiantly a tap to consider especially for night cleaning activities.


So no matter what tap you have its advisable to research then find the best one for you.


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