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Setting up a small kitchen island with seating

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands is just a new design trend emerging in the market and is quite different from the prevalent designs as in this design the stove and chimney are kept in the central position and is not engulfed by a wall on an side and can be easily approached from all sides. Such kitchens are appropriate in open rooms and can accommodate two people at the same time to cook food at the same time and serve out food to people around. So let us see what we can do with such design ad how seating arrangement can be made with such design.

Setup of the Kitchen Island

In the Kitchen Island, a stove or sink is present at such a point which in case of L- or U- shaped kitchens would have a table and is not suitable for closed rooms but good for open rooms. Even the countertop can be used as a free-flowing surface to serve food Buffet-style and here is where seating come in handy as guests can be seated around without disrupting the cooking process and people can also be served freshly cooked food while it is being made and can be used while entertaining your guests. Being quite new it hasn’t become much prevalent and realtors are also slowly picking it up in their apartment projects but if you are able to get a kitchen island as a part of your newly purchased or rented apartment make sure you get the seating arrangement put in place before signing off the agreement. Once done you can always throw buffet parties and serve food freshly cooked to all your guests who can easily sit in your kitchen island and enjoy the ambience.


What you need to do?

When you are thinking of getting the seating arranged in the kitchen room make sure you consult some interior designer or professional to give you the best suggestions to place the seats in the proper place so that you don’t look outdated or extremely out of place while presenting your new accomplishment to your friends and colleagues. All said and done, go ahead with the arrangement of seating around the kitchen island.

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