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The best small kitchen table designs for small spaces

It’s never easy to decorate when living in a small space. Many at times it’s hard to find a table that suits the room quite fine. With small kitchen table you have both dynamic and room. This is makes the perfect piece for both big and small kitchen alike.

The folding table

This is quite a unique piece that you can just tuck away when you don’t require it. With this table you can utilize your space when you’re not in need of a table and flip it back when you’re in need. This is definitely the best table to have especially if you have a small kitchen.

The pull out table

This is a really easy table to use. It’s a kitchen cabinet that stretches out to form the most adorable small table. With this all you have to do is add a couple of stools and your good to go.

This table is ideal for a small number of people only. It’s cute and can be tucked away to allow for more room in the dinning kitchen area.

The bench table

This is a really small sized bench that stretches out perfectly to form the ideal table. This is quite a piece as it can serve as both bench and table.

This table is best suited for small to mid-sized rooms. It can accommodate more people than the normal sized small table hence ideal for entertaining guests.


The cabinet table

This is quite a unique piece as it’s just a small cabinet that can be used as a table. It saves on space and at the same time enables multitasking.

This is perfect for all types of room. The extra cabinets can serve as a pantry for those living in small spaces. This is definitely a must have table.


With small tables comes many advantages ranging from space saving to encouraging togetherness in the tight space. This is definitely table ideas to consider especially when living in cities where it’s economical to live in a small apartment. It brings out a homey feel to your kitchen effortlessly.

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