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Setting up the kitchen tables for meals

Preparing for the Meal

When I started preparing for the Evening Meal it struck me that kitchen table is not yet properly cleaned to serve food to my guests. The kitchen table has long been retired into the attic room as it doesn’t serve the intended purpose for which it was bought as in our day to day life we didn’t find it meaningful. But today the time was ripe to take it out of the attic and used as a suitable dining table as our room wasn’t big enough to get a proper dining table and there were too many things to be served so this table would be suitable for keeping the dishes. So I stated on cleaning the table. It wasn’t a mean task as it had gathered a lot of cobwebs and dust and needed proper tending to return it to its original glory.

Clean up of the Table

First of all I started cleaning the cobwebs and the dust by using a small cloth and a small broom. Did my best to reach every corner and every space to clean off the dust and remove the remaining cobwebs. After I was done and thoroughly checked all the nooks and crannies to make sure it is clean I started with a wet cloth soaked in detergent powder and started wiping off the dust settled in more deeply on the table. After a grueling hour and a half finally I managed to get the table ready. After I checked the water had been dried off the table I covered with a table cloth and started laying out the utensils for serving food.

The Occasion

As the evening arrived and guests started pouring in I made the final checks to see everything was in place or not. After being thoroughly satisfied that everything is fine I gave my attention on attending the guests and everyone did say the Table was quite well laid out and asked where I had got it and how much did it cost. I gleefully answered that it was just an old family souvenir which I had got by inheritance and went on about its history. None of them suspected it was just a normal Kitchen Table.

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