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Ideas for designing studio kitchens

The main problem with small kitchens is having to accommodate all the items. Right from the oven to dishwasher to the refrigerator everything has to fit into this tiny space and what is more is that you have to fit as well because all your cooking is probably going to be done by you. Having a well-organized modular system where everything fits in perfectly becomes a necessity in these tiny kitchens. It not only takes a lot of planning and effort to fit everything in but you need to give it you’re all in order to make it comfortable to work in. But these are just few problems related to designing a tiny kitchen. But in case of a studio kitchen, you would be sleeping and working in the same room as well. So the difficulty just raises to the next level. Here are a few tips to get things right in this tiny space.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

This may seem quite obvious but it is an effective method. Get rid of the huge toaster if you are not going for bread every day. You can always toast it up on the pan as well. Getting rid of bowls that cannot be stacked over each other will save you a lot of space. Imagine a well-organized stack of bowls occupying the bare minimum space in the room, looks good ,doesn’t it ?

Good ventilation

Remember that you are going to be sleeping in a same room at the end of the day. So if the smell of something that got burnt while cooking dinner lasts through the night, it is sure to screw up your sleep and consequently screw the entirety of the next day. It’s good to have exhaust fan in addition to the exhaust over the stove to completely get rid of unnecessary smells in the room.


Having an island may sure look space consuming but it might just be what your kitchen needs. It can serve as a dining table, a desk for your laptop and also a chopping board. Being a bit creative with this can end up saving lots of space. The idea of having a chopping board/dinner table which retracts into the drawer via a slider isn’t just a good idea, it’s pure genius and helps save a lot of space.

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