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Kitchen backsplash ideas

The backsplash tiles on the kitchen can make the kitchen look elegant and can set the theme of the kitchen completely by itself. Backsplash refers to the tiles which are laid on the wall between the cabinets. But the exact idea of backsplash is the tiles near the sink area to prevent the water from directly falling on the wall and etching the paint off. But now the idea has expanded and it covers the entirety of the wall. Having a color contrast between the backsplash tiles and the cabinets and the color of the room can create a beautiful unique look for your kitchen. Here are a few design ideas for your kitchen:

Black and White:

Black Granite or Tiles create a heavy contrasting effect in the kitchen if the cabinets are white in color. This effect will prevail for most light colored cabinetry. Going for a complete granite cover would be more expensive so choosing the countertops to be made of granite and wall areas filled with black tiles will be a little more economical. This design is simple, yet elegant and is perfect for people who like the black and white effect.

Bright colors with lighter cabinets

Bright colors like turquoise and cyan can add a shiny element to your kitchen as they go well with light colored cabinets. This can look can further be augmented by adding a light colored marble countertops. A magenta colored tiling can also be used as well to create a similar effect but this pinkish shade might not always be favorite but it definitely has a feminine essence to it.

Different designs on the tiles

Designs like diamonds and other intricate patterning may just be what your kitchen needs. These designs give your kitchen some focal points. They go well with any color and looks perfect with most cabinet designs as well.

Complete metallic look

This gives your kitchen a futuristic look. Having glass tiles will be perfect for the backsplash and shiny silver declaim will finish the look. Adding on different sliders and modern hinges will not just finish its modern look but also gives it modern features.

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