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Tips to keep in mind while choosing bathroom tiles

The bathrooms are the most popular rooms in the home where you can get different types of the tiles. The Tiles Bathroom Ideas add potential value to any bathroom and they have unique finishes which may not be matched using other types of material. The bathrooms are able to accommodate many types of the tiles including porcelain, ceramic, slate and travertine. While trying out the ideas for your bathroom tiles, you should consider your own personal preference. There are few tips that you may base yourself on while deciding on the right tiles to have in your bathroom.

Hygienic tiles

The tiles have to be hygienic and this is what the tiles have to offer. They should have an easy to wipe surface with fresh appearance. The hygiene is one thing that has to come into your mind while deciding on getting the tiles to your bathroom. Even if the tiles may be water resistant, it does not mean that they are completely waterproofed. It is advised to use a waterproof kit in the shower before you install the tiles to avoid any cases of the water damage to the walls. If you are using the tiles from natural stone, you have to ensure that you have maintenance products before you fix the tiles in order to prevent the water staining or damage.

The right size to use for your bathroom

Many experts recommend not using large bathroom tiles in a small bathroom since they will dwarf such bathroom in significant way. Even if small tiles may look good within the smaller bathroom, too much grout lines may give the unappealing effect to tiles and this is why many people like to go for medium sized tiles. You need to be careful about windows, toilet and washbasin. When there is a compact space, the small tiles can be the best option since they may flow well compared to larger tile and they do not require too much cuts.

The right color for your bathroom tiles

In a bathroom, light colored tiles make it easy for the small bathroom to look big and they may reflect light compared to darker colors and they give a spacious and airy feel in the bathroom. When you use the wall tiles and floor tiles within the same color, they are going to give a spacious effect to the bathroom. In order to enhance such effect, you may need to use similar colored grout with the purchase rectified tiles that allow the tiles to be fixed closely. To bring nature to a bathroom, you should consider slate, marble or travertine tiles.

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