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Under-mount kithen sinks – a complete guide

Under-mount sinks is one of the latest designs in sink installations. It is a unique design and is defined by the way of its installation. Unlike traditional sinks, these sinks are installed under the counter. Because of a unique way of their installation, there is no rim between sink and counter top.


– Under-mount sinks adds beauty to your kitchen as they are made up of natural stones.
– It is easy to clean under-mount sinks as compared to ordinary over-mount sinks.
– You will save some space.
– It is attractive, it is sure to add much charm to your kitchen.


– A bit higher cost / expensive.
– Installation is difficult and requires an expert to get the job done.
– You need to make sure that the installation is solid enough to hold the weight of water and other materials.

– It has no edges, so you must ensure that you never fill your sink.
Installation of these sinks is definitely a difficult task. It must be installed correctly in order to avoid problems. You need to hire a professional to install it correctly. Accurate installation is necessary to make sure that the sink is properly supported and to prevent leakages. Steps of installation are:


1. Install the sink support.
2. Set sink on the frame.
3. Apply silicone around the top and at edges to make sure it holds perfectly.
4. Install countertop.

Types of supports:

There are many types of sink supports.

Custom Wood Frame:

It is a custom made wood that mount to cabinet walls. It support sinks with help of its flanges. Leave some space between cradles and sink bowl to ensure that your sink is properly aligned.

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