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Give unique function to your bathroom with unfinished bathroom vanity cabinets

If you have been planning to give stylish and unique function to your bathroom, then you can choose Unfinished Bathroom Vanity Cabinets. They come with different size, assembling, designs and features. That can be very useful and wise addition to your entire home. They are further provided with sufficient space so that your belongings can be reached easily and comfortably. Some of them are as follows:

Unfinished vanity drawer based cabinet 12”

You can get the unfinished bathroom vanity drawer based cabinet 12” with price of $153.76. It has red oaked cabinet and board back with plywood sides. Unfinished surface is painted or stained and four functional drawers are found. Bottom is 18” deep, top is about 21” deep and 34 ½” tall. Vanity cabinets are pre-assembled and made in USA. There is no any doubt that the product is very standardized and certified.

Unfinished vanity drawer based cabinet 15”

It is another choice of bathroom vanity cabinet that you can choose for your bathroom. It has oak doors that are red in color and particle boards are found in black color similarly. Sizes are very similar to that of cabinet of 12” .Bottom is 18” deep, top is about 21” deep and 34 ½” tall. Pre- assembled vanity cabinets are found with four functional drawers. The additional property that the cabinet possesses is extension of side mounted glide rails that ismade up of metal. The product is certified by KCMA and proves to be very durable. Particle board is easier for plumbing cuts or access. Though they are stained grade cabinets, but there is provision for coloring and painting throughout. Painting is more prior at the prime sides.


Unfinished narrowed depth hardwood sink vanity 6”

It is another unfinished bathroom vanity cabinet which has proven to be quite stylish and useful. Thematerials are made up of woodand it is unfinished oak. Installation is freestanding and total number of doors is two and basin is one. You can find undrilled cabinet which provides varieties of choice for the customers to customize their hardware. You can find graded granite and polished marble is really very fascinating. You can enjoy the benefits of free shipping too. You can observe that sinks and faucet are sold quite separately .It makes you easy to supply sink that you want. You can beautify your bathroom and make best of them with the products.

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