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Big ideas for your very small kitchen design

Kitchen are that spaces of any home, whose area is normally sacrificed when it comes to increase the area of the living room or the bedroom. This increasing demand of bigger rooms have made many modern kitchens very small.

However, even if it is small, you need to work your way around to ensure that it is extremely functional, looks great and offers enough work space. To help you in your endeavor of making your kitchen all of the above mentioned things, we have come up with some ideas that you can keep in mind while upgrading or simply remodeling your very small kitchens.


Your very small kitchens layout is of utmost importance. When you don’t have enough space for even a gall-style design, a single-wall kitchen is the perfect option for you. Be very clear about the layout of this wall, as it’ll be the home to your cabinets, countertops, and other appliances. Thus, it is very important to know beforehand about placing all of this.

Culinary Collection

If you have a large culinary collection, you can edit it down to your essentials only. You can also replace your old appliances, with modern smaller ones to save the space. Appliances like refrigerators, freezers, stove, and microwave are now available in much smaller versions. Using them in your very small kitchen can save a tiny bit of space for you.


Organization plays an important role in kitchens of all sizes. Even if your kitchen is big and the things are not properly arranged, you kitchen can look messy and overcrowded. Moreover, the problem worsens when it comes to very small kitchen design. Try to add some baskets and trays for not carrying things, but for storing them as well. They are perfect for keeping the things perfectly organized.


Cabinets are very essential in every very small kitchen. You can get the cabinets custom designed with your requirements that can include added stock space, concealed storage among others. Moreover, open type shelves also give the illusion of a bigger space.

The above mentioned ideas will not only make your kitchen easy to manage, but will make it a modern, neat and a high-class cooking headquarter.

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