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Variations in wall mounted kitchen faucets

Wall mounted kitchen faucets are the most used fixture in the kitchen. A well equipped kitchen faucet is very essential as they have separate faucet for hot cold water and can be moved easily from sides to sides. It is best where there are double sinks as it is very flexible and convenient to move them between the sinks. The kitchen faucets are available in different designs, shapes and sizes.

One should choose the appropriate faucet for their sink. Some of the types of kitchen faucet are mentioned below:

 Pull down spray faucet
 Pull out spray faucet
 Wall mount faucet
 Single handle faucet
 Two handle faucet

Uses of wall mount kitchen faucet

• A wall mounted kitchen faucets saves a lot of water.
• They are very easy to clean and maintain
• They are best suitable for wall mount sinks
• They have a long spout for easy use.
• They can be pulled at any height and moved in side by side direction.
• They are available with one or two handles.


How to select the best wall mounted kitchen faucets

Discover the choices available:

Check all the designs and styles of kitchen faucets that are best matched with your kitchen sink and other kitchen fixtures. The best option should provide convenience, versatility and other multi usage features.

Understand the benefits:

Different types of kitchen faucet have different usability. Understand the difference between them and select the one according to your needs and preference. Easy configuration, stylish, good finish, well-constructed and good valve are the important factors one should look out in a wall mounted kitchen faucet.


Number of handles, style of mounting, structure of spout etc should be decided upon. One should identity their needs and requirements and accordingly selects the one with the appropriate configuration. Single handle or two handle, wall sink or countertop, conventional, pull out or pull down all these should be decided and then select the one which is suitable for your kitchen.


The Style of the faucet is an important feature that needs to be decided as it should match with the décor of the kitchen.

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