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Chandeliers for the bathroom

Charm and delicacy comes in combinations of all sizes. Having a wonderful, beautiful small chandelier can give a boost of shine and sparkle even in a tiny room. For bedrooms, dining alcoves etc., mini crystal chandeliers make upscale ambient surroundings. You can try to use these kinds of compact luxe designs in your bathrooms or in your walk-in closet to alter them from functional to unimaginable.

Modern look chandeliers

Polished black finish and the designs with drum shades give a modern look which makes the room look sensational and give a soothing feel. No room is very small for the glamour touch that a tiny or a small chandelier gives.

If you do not want your bathroom to be looking like it is brand-sparkling new, you can mix metal finishes in it. You can also have the antique brass mirror, polished nickel faucets and lighting to give your bathroom a collected look with some character.

Chandelier for the old-world glamour

A perfect chandelier can also give some old-world glamour look to your lavish bathroom. If the bathroom is big enough and is spacious, you can also have a fireplace in it to give it that antique look that goes along with the chandelier.

For a classic bathroom

According to some designers, you can have an artfully afflicted antique chest as an inspiration for your dreamy bathroom. It will give just the right touch of warmth to the immaculate and untouched surroundings and will also be an excellent storage space for the toiletries and towels. A beautiful sparkly chandelier would give this bathroom a perfectly nice touch to enhance the beauty of the space.

One another wonderful and unique idea to design your bathroom with the use of a chandelier is to have an iconic paper chandelier with the concealed cove light system in the ceiling which would illuminate the whole space of the bathroom. A soft color palette and a glass shower would keep the things light and open. For some contrasting feature to go with all these would be have a red towel and a well-worn red rug in the bathroom.

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