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Wet rooms in modern age

Wet Rooms and the House of Fame

It seems over the decades the idea of which type of shower room to use in residential buildings or motels have come under questioning in a century where taste is high and every detail of design in a house must come with creativity, along with precision. Wet rooms in this modern age I must say is a common trend in the Americas and maybe Europe that is known for its conservativeness. How popular are wet rooms in these contemporary times? Perhaps we have to conduct a census to determine this, or roll out an opinion poll based on preference across continents. This type of bathroom is unique in its own way, with an open shower that is fixed to an open floor. It is either the former or the latter, or a combination of both. Wet rooms can now be termed a popular culture that is common in homes in the United States. I can’t vouch for Europe or Asia but the idea of using a wet room can be beautiful as well as scary. It is good to try out something new and shifting from the traditional ones we are used to; that’s the purpose of modernism.

Staying Conservative?

Many of us like to keep it simple and wet rooms vary in design, most are waterproofs and some are just standing glass like a cuboid. Yet one thing that is amazing is that water drains out easily on the floor. In many places in the world, except Australia where you will definitely find it in homes, wet rooms are not all preferred. In Africa for instance and parts of Asia, wet rooms have high appearances in hotels and motels that are standard.

Wet Rooms Preferences

Most bathrooms are with showers along with toilets, tiled and cozy. You rarely find wet rooms in homes, even that of the affluent. Perhaps we now live in an era where people actually don’t care the type of rooms they shower or what it is called. Different strokes for different folks; no matter what, it is worth trying out as a fixation to a new home.

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