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Floor plans of the bathroom

Many companies also provide the options of plans for your bathroom. These are made and designed to help you customize and organize your bathroom in a comfortable way. Bathroom plans are all about proper space planning. You got to choose the best floor plan according to the shape and size of your bathroom. The different shapes of a bathroom can mostly be square and rectangular. Or they could also be having one acute corner.

Floor Plans for Master Bathroom

The floor plans that are available for you to refer are just for an idea. They are generally put together to inspire the layout of your own bathroom. Of course, it is possible that your layout may not exactly end up like these. But these are useful for you to get an idea about all the possibilities.

Master bathrooms are generally the biggest ones in the house. You can give them a five star hotel feel with proper layout planning.

Guide to planning master bathroom

Comfortable and cavernous master bathrooms have started to be considered as the most significant part of home design. These usually comfortable and palatial settings give a stronghold and shelter from busy and tough schedules and a place for relaxing. We can have complete privacy in such spaces in an ever so increasing public world. We can stamp our exclusive and lone identities in their surfaces and beauty.

Because of their nature they approve a broad variation in the creative solutions of design and the choices of materials. Each bathroom requires some basic elements, and then there are the niceties and the luxuries which make it special for the owner. There are some standard dimensions of the important fixtures available to be used in the bathrooms. One must investigate the choices of other elements.

Circulation as an important factor

There must be a clear pathway of about at least 3 feet for circulation in the bathrooms. Having a circulation area of about 42 inches in front of the sink area is best. This is for the convenience of 2 people using the bathroom at the same time. If one is brushing the teeth in front of the basin, the other person passing by from the same space would not cause any kind of disturbance to him.


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