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Best bathroom tiles for a high water resistant bathroom

Choosing tiles for your bathroom may become a great deal for you. You may probably think about this since you decided to remodel the bathroom. So you may have thought about a favorite tile to get to your bathroom. But before purchasing that tile and installing, you must be sure that your selection will not only look beautiful but stand up the daily steamy shower, bath-hating pets or kids’ tidal waves. So here we will discuss some options you can select to satisfy all these conditions.

Bathroom floor tile

The bathroom floor will have to resist the wet conditions, must have cleaning frequently and also should look good while doing it. You can get these conditions satisfied with the style you need by using ceramic and porcelain tiles.
You can try the best and enduring looks such as the cement look. Cotton Contempt is a best porcelain tile which is combining the feel of cotton pavers with distressed cement. Porcelain and ceramic wood tiles will give a genuine look for your bathroom floor with the latest printing and scanning technologies.

Bathroom shower tile

Kimono silk series will inspire the senses with the spa-like feel it has and the functions well over the bathroom. It is also regarded as a Color Body™ porcelain tile that means the tile body color is similar to the tile surface so the chips or scratches will not be apparent.


Bathroom wall tile

For your bathroom walls, you can choose natural stone which often goes on the floor or wall for a continuous design. Granite or marble will give a distinguished look for your bathroom. You can choose traditional tiles or larger formats of various shapes to get a unique application. Mosaic tiles can be used for your entire wall. With the appropriate color and pattern, the wall can become the center of your bathroom. There are different colors and patterns of mosaic tiles.

Bathroom backsplash tile

Backsplash is an important element in any bathroom. It will keep water damage at bay. A beautiful backsplash in your bathroom can be anything from a more traditional tile to a mosaic tile. Also it can be metallic, natural stone or glass also.

You can always try different options like using linear glass tiles which lends durability and the texture to the bathroom. Also a unique shape like diamonds, penny rounds or brick-joint rectangles may be great for your bathroom.

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