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Distinctive bathroom mirrors

Mirrors go a long way in human history, used as early as the first century and still continue to play a cardinal role in our daily lives, without mirrors we certainly would be unkempt in our dress and grooming. Bathroom mirrors on the other hand make it very convenient for us to arrange our hair, shave our faces or dress our make up easily within the comfort of our bathroom. Interestingly we can enhance our experience even as we accomplish all this in front of the mirror by our selection of an attractive mirror. Here are some exceptional designs you can choose from.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

These are mirrors mounted on the surfaces of bathroom cabinets and happen to be the most popular type of mirrors. They are classics combining ideal storage with convenience as most cabinets normally stand placed high enough to cover the upper body part.


Framed and Frameless Mirrors

Framed mirrors are very basic and span over a wide range of designs and sizes from traditional to modern. Traditional ones are often characterized by ornate decorations while some carry the modern plain theme.

The frameless mirror on the other hand is ideal for contemporary bathrooms and can be customized to fit the wall size of the bathroom. This kind of mirror gives the impression of a floating glass against a wall. It has smoothly polished edges in place of a frame.

Venetian mirrors

These mirrors have engravings of overelaborated decorations reflecting a traditional touch which really does excellent in a romantic bathroom set up.

Vanity mirrors

Also referred to as the make-up mirrors, these are often placed on or above the vanity counter top and are designed with a small size and double sides one of which has a magnifying ability to enhance the facial image of the user for easy application of the make-up.

The Captain’s Mirror

This is a unique and rare type of mirror that hangs from a rope in the roof. The captain’s mirror is cost effective and serves as a great powder room antique for a traditional texture.

Other types include the pivot mirrors, swing arm or extension mirrors and ledge mirrors all of which can be used in a variety of bathroom styles and designs for your convenience.

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