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Some classic and modern kitchen splashback ideas

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Kitchen splashbacks are great and a must have in any kitchen not only because they protect the kitchen walls from getting greasy and dirty but also because they make a kitchen look more attractive. However, choosing the correct splashback is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly.

The splashback must match and even compliment the overall theme and design of your kitchen. There are many materials and styles that you can choose from for your kitchen splashback. This article will give you some great kitchen splashback ideas and help you in making your decision easier.

Tiles – The first and the most obvious choice for a splashback is tiles. They come in many different shapes, sizes, textures and colors and can also be customized to suit your kitchen design. You can place tiles on the wall in any pattern that you like. However, it can be difficult to clean them as cooking girt and grease may sometimes get stuck between the tiles.

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Stainless Steel – A modern and clean choice for a kitchen splashback, stainless steel gives a kitchen a professional look and is also easier to clean. Just make sure you keep it dry as leaving it wet may leave water marks on the surface.

Glass – Glass splashbacks are becoming very popular nowadays as they not only look elegant and classy but also easy to clean and maintain. It gives an elegant look to the kitchen and is also very hygienic.

Mirror – Many people are also going for a mirrored splashback in their kitchen as it really helps in opening up the kitchen and making a smaller kitchen look bigger.

Stone – A stoned splashback can give a really unique look to any kitchen. It is versatile as in you can get it in any color and design and is also easy to clean. An additional feature of stone is that it is resistant to heat, cracks, scratches and watermarks.

Brick – To bring an added element of texture in your kitchen you can install a brick splashback. Having a bricked wall in your kitchen will give your kitchen an industrial look.

Timber – Timber comes in many varieties and each different style can give your kitchen a different look when used as a splashback.

As you can see from the above, there are many different materials, each with their own unique features and qualities, that are all well suited to be used as a kitchen splashback. What you need to keep in mind before choosing on is the price and the style of your kitchen.

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