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Modern small kitchen design ideas

A limited space kitchen is extremely difficult to manage. Storing your cooking ware, appliances, having enough work space, are some of the factors you need to work on, to ensure that your kitchen is functional as well as looks good.

A modern small kitchen is required to have minimum clutter and deliver maximum productivity. If you are simply upgrading or completely remodeling your modern small kitchen, here are some of the best ideas to accentuate its design.

Smart Cabinets

The modern smart cabinets are perfect for every modern small kitchen design. The pantry for storing the dry goods can have cabinets that can easily slide over the countertops. Recyclables and trash bins can also be similarly built and can be easily pulled beside the sink area.

Add Mirror

Adding glass on cabinet doors is the perfect way to make your kitchen look bigger. You can also add a kitchen door made from glass for this effect. The backsplash of your kitchen can also be made from glass tiles, and you can also place mirrors in strategic places in your kitchen to further expand its look.

Trays and Baskets

Use baskets and trays as much as possible. Apart from using them for carrying stuff, they can also be used to store things. They make your kitchen look uncluttered and completely organized, making it look more spacious and easy to manage.


Wall Paint

The paint on your modern small kitchen should be of a lighter shade. Paints that are dark will make your kitchen look overcrowded and small. If you have tiles on your walls, they can also be of lighter shades for a spacious effect.

Hang Pots and Pans

Hanging the pots and pans in attractive hangers will not only eliminate the need for cupboard space, but it will also make your kitchen look attractive.

Seating Arrangement

Instead of placing seats in the kitchen, you can design your countertops in such a way that it can easily accommodate the seats when not in use. You can simply slide them out when you need them and then tuck them below or under the countertop when they are no longer required.

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