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Suitable flooring for the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of your home and it is the place which is more prone to wear and tear than any other place in your home. Spillage is very common in kitchen especially when kids and animals are present at home. There are a lot of options are available for kitchen flooring, but choosing the best one is the key. Choosing appropriate flooring is very important as kitchen is the place where most wear and tear and spillage is done. Each and every flooring has its pros and cons, depending on the requirement you can choose a suitable one.


Carpet offers comfort to the person cooking, which is necessary because, in kitchen one has to stand for a longer interval of time and carpet feels comfortable under the feet. But people don’t use carpet as kitchen flooring because of the spillage. No matter how careful a person is, spillage is in evitable. Once something is spilled on the carpet cleaning up is a very difficult task.


Tiles are very easy to install, available at cheaper price and they give pretty decent look to the floor. Tiles are available in many designs and colors. If something heavy and dense falls on the floor, then the tiles are sure to break. It’s true that tiles can be easily replaced, but the issue arises when that specific color and design is no longer available in the market.


Vinyl flooring is made up of polyvinyl carbonate also known as PVC. Vinyl flooring does not break easily even if something heavy and dense falls down and wear and tear is unlikely to happen in case of vinyl flooring. Spillage is inevitable in a kitchen, and after cooking food people have to spend most of their time in cleaning up, but due to its properties even a single swipe is enough to clean up the mess. Vinyl flooring also feels comfortable under one’s feet and it is not affected by weather, it does not get cold during winter. But vinyl flooring can be easily damaged by sharp objects like knife.

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