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Planning to paint your bathroom?

Color of a room is probably one of the most important aspect of it. It decides the mood, the energy level when one enters in. We usually put a lot of thought process behind painting our rooms like living room, bedroom etc. But do we pay the same attention when we decide the color of out bathrooms? Probably not. Bathrooms are a place that is considered to just go, finish your daily routine and come out. But if you give a thought, it is actually much more than that. The importance of bathrooms is as significant as any other rooms in your house. A clean bathroom surely helps you in getting a lot of positive thoughts. Hence, color of bathroom is equally important like any other room.

Color of a room plays a huge part in deciding mood of a person. Same is true for bathrooms as well. A designer bathroom with attractive colors would just take away all the tiredness from your body once you come back in the evening.

How to paint your bathroom

Importance of bathroom color is same as any other room but painting a bathroom is not same. Color of a bathroom is decided not only by the wall color. There are lots of colored bathroom accessories that plays a huge part in color of the bathroom. Ensure that the color of the bathroom matches or contrasts the colors of the accessories. One of the most important part of your bathroom is the tiles used. Color of the tiles not only gives an overall perspective, it also is very important when it comes to cleanliness.

When you decide the color of the bathroom, a big thought should be given as to mood you want to set.

Materials that can be used

To paint a bathroom, color is not the only option. You can also use materials like wallpapers, stones etc.

Challenges in painting a bathroom:

Painting a bathroom is much more challenging than a room. A bathroom has so many articles which are immovable and hence there are lots of corners that you need to worry about. At the same time, with the amount of water present in the bathroom, moisture is also a big concern that needs to be taken care of.

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